The ultimate solution for fleet managers and truck drivers

Provide your drivers with the ultimate navigation app to avoid any hazards.

Tackling the roads toughest challenges

Our solution transforms fleet management, helping drivers avoid bridge collisions and damage from height, width or weight restrictions.

Measurement Restriction

Hazard-free routes

Say goodbye to damaged vehicles and hefty fines with our app that helps you plan routes that avoid hazards and restrictions.

Perfect for Fleet Management

Effortlessly oversee defect sheets for multiple drivers using unique company codes and a streamlined dashboard. Monitor vehicle safety and compliance with our user-friendly system.
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More Revenue Less Fines

“I'd highly recommend Path Truck & Trailer to all truck drivers, so easy to use!”

Dominic Matthews
Truck Driver

Advanced Route Planning

Navigate smoothly with smart routing, avoiding hazards and restrictions on route.

Fleet Tracking

Monitor vehicle safety and compliance with our user-friendly system.

Real Time Alerts

Get notified of any hazards on your journey, such as road closures, traffic, and more.

Defect Sheets

Guarantee your truck is in peak condition with the assistance of our digital defect sheet.

Customer Reviews

“This app is a game-changer for truckers! No more stress over bridge restrictions - a must have!”

Sam Donovan
Truck driver

“Lifesaver for fleet managers! The platform is so intuitive and ensures our trucks are in optimal condition!”

Sophia Harrington
Fleet Manager

"No more headaches! This software streamlines defect sheet management - highly recommend"

Amy Perry
Fleet Manager

"My guardian on the road! Alerts on height and width restrictions have saved me from costly fines."

John Smith
Truck Driver

Our Trusted Partners

Our app is championed by a diverse set of trusted partners, playing an essential role in streamlining fleet management.

Frequently asked questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions

How can I download and install the mobile app?

You can download the Path Truck & Trailer app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android). Search for "Path Truck & Trailer " and follow the installation instructions.

How I can I access the Fleet Manager dashboard?

You can access the fleet manager organisation dashboard by registering and subscribing via this link If you already have an account you can login here.

How are defect sheets linked between the mobile app and fleet manager app?

Each organisation has a company code which if used by a driver on the app, the defect sheet will show on your dashboard under Defects.

Can you report hazards on the app?

You can report measurement restrictions on the app by clicking the '!' icon. You you also flag other aspects such as Police, Speed Cameras, Traffic and Accidents.

Is the Path Truck & Trailer suitable for all types of trucks and trailers?

Our defect sheets include the majority of trucks and trailers types. If you don't see your truck or trailer type please do message us and we'll try to get it added for you.

How will the app avoid road restrictions for my truck?

Before beginning your journey we ask you for the max height, width and weight of your truck. We use this information to calculate your route away from any hazards using our comprehensive database of bridges.

How do truck drivers know my company code?

Your company code is displayed in your dashboard. It consists of 6 numbers. Copy your code and send it out to your drivers to use when adding their defect sheet.

Does your app cater for every bridge restriction on UK roads?

We do our best to pick up as many bridges and restrictions as possible and factor this into your route. If you do spot a height, width or weight restriction that's we've not factored in please flag it on the app.

How do I get customer support if I encounter any issues or have questions?

If you have any questions or encounter issues, please contact our customer support team on or visit our website contact us page.

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